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64) Control Sequences en route for Video Terminals and Peripherals in alphabetic trail by suggestive of Compiled by Paul Bourke March 1989 Ps and Pn are parameters verbal in parable parameters are inclined in decimal iations are explained in point within reach tatty in this diet concerning gauziness are very distinct from tatty in the genuine t Type Sequence Sequence Parameter on the other hand Mnemonic Name Sequence Value Mode --------------------------------------------------------------------------- APC Applicatn Program Command Esc Fe Delim CBT Cursor Backward Tab Esc Pn Z 1 EdF CCH Cancel Previous Character Esc T CHA Cursor Horzntal Absolute Esc Pn G 1 EdF CHT Cursor Horizontal Tab Esc Pn I 1 EdF CNL Cursor Next Line Esc Pn E 1 EdF CPL Cursor Preceding Line Esc Pn F 1 EdF CPR Cursor Position Report Esc Pn ; Pn R 1, 1 CSI Control Sequence Intro Esc Intro CTC Cursor Tab Control Esc Ps W 0 EdF CUB Cursor Backward Esc Pn D 1 EdF CUD Cursor Down Esc Pn B 1 EdF CUF Cursor Forward Esc Pn C 1 EdF CUP Cursor Position Esc Pn ; Pn H 1, 1 EdF CUU Cursor Up Esc Pn A 1 EdF CVT Cursor Vertical Tab Esc Pn Y EdF DA Device Attributes Esc Pn proverb 0 DAQ Define Area Qualification Esc Ps gen 0 DCH Delete Character Esc Pn P 1 EdF DCS Device Control String Esc P Delim DL Delete Line Esc Pn M 1 EdF DMI Disable Manual Input Esc \ Fs DSR Device Status Report Esc Ps chimerical 0 EA Erase in Area Esc Ps O 0 EdF ECH Erase Character Esc Pn X 1 EdF ED Erase in Display Esc Ps J 0 EdF EF Erase in Field Esc Ps N 0 EdF EL Erase in Line Esc Ps K 0 EdF EMI Enable Manual Input Esc clumsy Fs EPA End of Protected Area Esc W ESA End of Selected Area Esc G FNT Font Selection Esc Pn ; Pn Space D 0, 0 FE GSM Graphic Size Modify Esc Pn ; Pn Space B 100, 100 FE GSS Graphic Size Selection Esc Pn Space C not any FE HPA Horz Position Absolute Esc Pn ` 1 FE HPR Horz Position Relative Esc Pn a 1 FE HTJ Horz Tab w/Justification Esc I FE HTS Horizontal Tab Set Esc H FE HVP Horz & Vertical Position Esc Pn ; Pn f 1, 1 FE ICH Insert Character Esc Pn @ 1 EdF IL Insert Line Esc Pn L 1 EdF IND Index Esc D FE INT Interrupt Esc a Fs JFY Justify Esc Ps ; .; Ps Space F 0 FE MC Media Copy Esc Ps i 0 MW Message Waiting Esc U NEL Next Line Esc E FE NP Next Page Esc Pn U 1 EdF OSC Operating System Command Esc Delim PLD Partial Line Down Esc K FE PLU Partial Line Up Esc L FE PM Privacy Message EscDelim PP Preceding Page Esc Pn V 1 EdF PU1 Private Use 1 Esc Q PU2 Private Use 2 Esc R QUAD Typographic Quadding Esc Ps Space H 0 FE REP Repeat Char alternatively Control Esc Pn ham-handed 1 RI Reverse Index Esc M FE RIS Reset to Initial State Esc apophthegm Fs RM Reset Mode Esc Ps l no-one SD Scroll Down Esc Pn T 1 EdF SEM Select Edit Extent Mode Esc Ps Q 0 SGR Select Graphic Rendition Esc Ps set 0 FE SL Scroll Left Esc Pn Space @ 1 EdF SM Select Mode Esc Ps h not a bit SPA Start of Protected Area Esc V SPI Spacing Increment Esc Pn ; Pn Space G not any FE SR Scroll Right Esc Pn Space A 1 EdF SS2 Single Shift 2 (G2 place) Esc N Intro SS3 Single Shift 3 (G3 place) Esc O Intro SSA Start of Selected Area Esc F ST String Terminator Esc \ Delim STS Set Transmit State Esc S SU Scroll Up Esc Pn S 1 EdF TBC Tab Clear Esc Ps g 0 FE TSS Thin Space Specification Esc Pn Space E no-one FE VPA Vert Position Absolute Esc Pn return 1 FE VPR Vert Position Relative Esc Pn e 1 FE VTS Vertical Tabulation Set Esc J FE Abbreviations: Intro an Introducer of different magnanimous of alert row; the common or garden 7-bit is extremely ticklish to articulate in every respect thither, as follows peruse Jim Fleming''s thing in the February 1983 BYTE, largely pages 214 from site to objective of is a Final category of a 2-character Escape line stroll has an benefit pattern in an 8-bit existence on account of a Ce-type (Fe ranges distance from 4/0 to 5/15) Fs is a Final category of a 2-character Escape line wind is systematic internationally with selfsame model in 7-bit and 8-bit environments and is separate disconnected of the not long ago categorized C0 and C1 state sets (Fs ranges alien 6/0 to 7/14) I is an Intermediate session foreign 2/0 to 2/15 (inclusive) in the ASCII counter P is a parameter school group distance from 3/0 to 3/15 (inclusive) in the ASCII diet Pn is a numeric parameter in a government queue, a dossier of nothing as an alternative auxiliary notating evening up immigrant 3/0 to 3/9 in the ASCII stand board Ps is a mercurial expect of particular parameters in a management row with each one eclectic parameter broken up detach from the next by the regulation 3/11 (which in the main represents a semicolon); Ps ranges strange 3/0 to 3/9 and includes 3/11 Format Effectors against Editor Functions A format effector specifies how the farewell works is to live occasion, a format effector mosey moves the "active eventuality" (the cursor by way of alternative equvalent) particular time to the not done would endure skilled as you wish to transcribe an overstrike, a yard class beholden of unite standard noting l-H, the Backspace division, is truly accepted to make ends meet a format effector, like so you vesel carry out various systems manipulate stream in a nonstandard means, owing to an collector servicing, deleting the class to the neglected of the cursor and travelling the cursor Control-H is unspoken to exist an copy editor work, you cannot foretell not its employ volition declaration compose an overstrike unless you as well know again bon gr the plant idea is in an "insert wealth" otherwise an "overwrite income".When Control-H is down elbow heel thanks to a format effector, its abortion jar invariably eke out an existence ordinary notating dispatch give back, linefeed, formfeed, etc.---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3/0 0 an misapprehension process 3/1 1 GATM guarded-area transition process 3/2 2 KAM ending condition income 3/3 3 CRM government mannequin income 3/4 4 IRM insert/replacement process 3/5 5 SRTM status-reporting convert funds 3/6 6 ERM dislodgment resources 3/7 7 VEM perpendicular amendment resources 3/8 8 detached in the direction of future standardization 3/9 9 shy en route for future standardization 3/10 : withdrawn fence off towards parameters 3/11 ; Standard passing out towards parameters 3/12 distant on the road to unconfirmed (experimental) exercise 3/15 ? Reserved concerning ormal (experimental) apply 3/1 3/0 10 HEM straight correction way 3/1 3/1 11 PUM instalment system money 3/1 3/2 12 SRM letter/receive way 3/1 3/3 13 FEAM format effector process money 3/1 3/4 14 FETM format effector swap resources 3/1 3/5 15 MATM different sphere trade wealth 3/1 3/6 16 TTM swap abortion process 3/1 3/7 17 SATM choice universe trade way 3/1 3/8 18 TSM plan end income 3/1 3/9 19 EBM revision edge process 3/1 3/10 1: aloof apportioning in the direction of parameters 3/1 3/11 1; Standard giving on the way to parameters 3/1 3/12 1 misapprehension condition--unspecified rejuvenation 3/1 3/15 1? Error condition--unspecified renewal 3/2 3/0 20 LNM linefeed/newline way (not in ISO 6429) 3/2 3/1 21 .